Stucco On New Commercial and new homes  

  • Our Company is trained and certified in the installation of stucco EFIS system on new commercial and new homes. This stucco system provides exterior walls with a insulated finished surface and waterproofing which controls moisture. The wall assembly picture on the right had corner of the screen shows the EFIS system in layers of its installation 

Service Locations


Our company is located in Mississauga providing stucco services but we have finished many stucco projects all over Ontario. 

Stucco repair 

We provide repair to any damaged stucco. Any cracks and damages are repaired and finished with the stucco system.  

Stucco Exterior Restoration

  • Our service restoration service targets towards new and aging homes as well as  commercial properties which are no longer able to stand exterior moisture, water, and climate. 
  • With our manufactured approved system we are able to restore your home or commercial properties exterior walls so that you do not need worry about damaging natural forces. Stucco also gives your residential or commercial property a sleek new look, driving up the value exponentially.

Home and Exterior 

  • EIFS is a relatively new product which uses a few layers to modify traditional cement stucco and make it more flexible. This allows application in a thinner coating which saves time and material.
  • The system also includes an insulation layer that improves system and building performance.  The entire EIFS system consists of a moisture barrier, the foam insulation, cement basecoat, reinforcing mesh, and finishes.

Molding Installation

  • We have vast experience installing molding over directed areas in the most elegant and efficient manner. 
  • Choose from many different styles and colors from our expansive catalogue.  

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